I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Actually at age 2 is when you are supposed to stop say their age in months. We talked about this in my child development class. The changes they go through it those first year are so different every month. A 20 month old is do different than an 18 month old. Also of you cant figure out how old a 20 month old is then you a lesson in basic math

The article is meant as a joke..




This is one of the more powerful things I’ve read about marriage. It made me go, “oh my goodness duh, how have I not thought about this before?”

My husband and I are extremely busy people and a kiss turns into a routine things, leaving the house- quick kiss, going to bed- quick kiss, heading out for the day together- quick kiss. Intimate moments (yes, sex), when we actually share a real, long kiss I always feel like I need it. I realize most of you must be thinking, uh duh it’s kissing! But it’s the closeness that gets to me, a closeness you don’t feel in those routine, without a thought, kisses. It reminds me of certain feelings and boosts my mood to a new level. 

I always tell my husband that I love kissing him, really kissing him but I’ve never noticed why nor have I ever seen it in actual words. I think this is an awesome idea and something I definitely want to try. 


I found this today and wow…it’s so sweet. 



i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it